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Lemony Brussels Sprouts Pasta (Recipe Overview)

As a carb aficionado, I’m devoted to creating pasta nearly day by day of the week. However each every so often, I gotta change it up from my go-to Rao’s Arrabbiata sauce (shoutout to my coworker Sheela for the rec) with butter and sometimes some garlic. That’s how I discovered my new favourite pasta recipe.

Famously (amongst solely Kitchn editors), I’m identified to be a vegetable hater. At the moment, I eat 5: Brussels sprouts, bok choy, scallions — and I ran out, so I assume it’s three now. So after I noticed that my (former) work auntie Amelia Rampe as soon as made Yasmin’s lemony Brussels sprout pasta on her video collection “Rampe It Up,” it regarded too simple and good to not make! 

Find out how to Make Lemony Brussels Sprouts Pasta 

Coming from an individual who has to FaceTime her mother to determine how one can use a can opener, I can confidently say it’s really easy to make and takes barely any time. The pasta water involves a boil whilst you prep your Brussels, lemon, and garlic. Because the pasta cooks, so do the Brussels. Then you definitely combine all of it collectively, including lemon, cheese, and pasta water. It ends in a pasta dish that’s lemony, tangy, brilliant, and coated in a silky sauce. To me, it’s the epitome of a low-effort, high-reward meal that offers me issues I really like: pasta and Brussels sprouts. 

If You’re Going to Make This Pasta, a Few Suggestions



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