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One among Earth’s largest mass extinctions brought on by rising sea ranges in eerie echo of right this moment

The Devonian interval is also referred to as the Age of Fishes. Right here, we see the fish Dunkleosteus preying on eurypterids (sea scorpions), which in flip had been feeding on the smaller trilobites.  (Picture credit score: Aunt_Spray by way of Getty Photos)

Depleting oxygen and rising hydrogen sulfide ranges within the oceans could have been accountable for one among Earth’s most vital mass extinctions greater than 350 million years in the past, a brand new research finds. The adjustments had been probably pushed by rising sea ranges and have some spooky parallels to situations seen right this moment.

Researchers studied samples of black shale from the Bakken Formation, a 200,000-square-mile (518,000 sq. kilometers) area partly laid down through the late Devonian that encompasses elements of North Dakota and Canada and is likely one of the largest contiguous deposits of pure fuel and oil (opens in new tab) in the USA. The crew discovered proof that Earth skilled durations of oxygen depletion and hydrogen sulfide enlargement, which probably contributed to the sweeping extinction occasions that ravaged Earth through the Devonian interval (419.2 and 358.9 million years in the past), or the “Age of Fishes.” 



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