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Who had been the Celts, the fierce warriors who sacked Rome and practiced druidism?

Upon the hilt of this Celtic sword there may be a picture of a Celtic warrior, supposed to reinforce the ability of the proprietor. The pinnacle with omega-shaped and finely drawn hair additionally has massive almond-shaped eyes. One of these sword is related to the La Tène tradition, named after the essential Celtic web site on Lake Neuchâtel in present-day Switzerland and japanese France. (Picture credit score: Credit score: Rogers Fund, 1999; The MET; (CC0 1.0))

The time period “Celts” is used right now to explain the cultures, languages and peoples which are primarily based in Scotland; Eire; different components of the British Isles; and Brittany, in France.

“In the present day six Celtic languages survive — the Gaelic group comprising Irish, Scots Gaelic and Manx and the Britonic group comprising Welsh, Breton and Cornish,” Dáithí Ó hÓgáin, a former professor of Irish folklore at College Faculty Dublin, wrote in his ebook “The Celts: A Historical past (opens in new tab)” (The Collins Press, 2002). Manx and Cornish initially died out however have been revived.



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